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Hot Mess


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Hot Mess

Hot Mess

Bright Pink Crème

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How It Works:


Begin with clean, dry nails. Lightly buff nails and gently push back cuticles and wipe nails with polish remover. Apply two coats of Red Carpet READY LED Gel. Cure in between each coat using a LED light. (Cure times vary. Check your light.)


Lightly buff the surface of the gel to remove the shine. Saturate a cotton pad with nail polish remover. Place on nail and wrap with foil. Remove in 15-20 minutes and gently push-off any remaining gel with an orange wood stick. Lightly buff nail.

Gel Storage:

This product is light sensitive, keep away from any direct light, especially a UV or LED light. Keep at room temperature. Re-cap bottle immediately after use.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 14 September, 2015.

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